Digital Course

This course helps entrepreneurs transform their ideas into reality


Your idea

We begin with your idea and help you craft the problem hypothesis your idea seeks to solve

  • Coming up with an Idea

  • Idea Assumptions

  • Drafting your Problem Hypothesis


Your Community and Target Customer Profile

Next, we help you identify your target customer profile within the community your idea seeks to solve a problem for

  • Mapping your Target Customer Profile

  • The importance of Community

  • Engaging with your Community


Value Proposition

Through engagement with your community we help you define your value proposition

  • Interviewing your Community

  • Defining your Value Proposition



Next, we take you through the process of crafting your prototype, from defining the underlying processes to creating a non-functional "clickable" prototype

  • Defining new processes

  • Sketching a prototype

  • Building a non-functional prototype

  • Socialising your prototype


Cost Tracking and Pricing

We take you through building a cost tracking framework and how to use it to forecast your ROI and determine your initial pricing

  • Funding your Idea

  • Tracking your costs

  • Forecasting your ROI

  • Pricing your Minimum Viable Product


Software Development

We explore the options available for developing your Minimum Viable Product and the benefits and drawbacks of each

  • Hiring a Software Development team

  • No-Code Development


Sales & Marketing

We then take you through the process of how to sell your product, how to market it more broadly and how to make it easy to get paid

  • Getting Paid

  • Selling your product

  • Marketing your product

  • Tracking your sales progress

  • Handling rejection

Crosspost Case STUDY

Case Study

Throughout this course, we follow the journey of an idea for a Social Media Management platform as it is transformed into reality


$99 AUD

This course follows a proven methodology in building and launching a Software as a Service platform and includes the following:

  • Value Position development framework

  • How to create a prototype (without coding)

  • Cost Tracking framework

  • ROI calculator

  • Software Development options

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